Sunday, June 19, 2016


I love blogs.  I actually love to blog despite the fact that I haven't posted on Blogger in several years.  I maintain a porn blog on tumbler that includes mostly videos..especially of big cocks.

I think I'll start posting again to let you guys know what's going on with me.

I am married (to a man) and have been for close to 20 years.  To say the least, I have not been faithful.  In fact, my husband & I haven't had sex in several years.  I say this only to let you into to my world a bit not to solicit any comments or advice.

Recently, we have been exploring options like male strip clubs and bathhouses together to add some sexual excitement to our lives.

I love public sex and especially places that have gloryholes.  It's not about the person but the cock. And today I had a chance to experience that.

I went to a local bathhouse here in the SF Bay Area, called Steamworks.  I know many are familiar with some of their facilities throughout the USA & Canada.  I had the weekend to myself & decided to treat myself to an afternoon of delight...cocksucking.

I got there around 3pm thinking I would have a few hours of sucking before the NBA Finals.  I walked around for about 90 minutes with not even a lick of cock.  I tried coming on to a few guys but no takers.  Finally, I decided it was slowing down & thought I would a least get my cock sucked for  the $27 I paid to enter.

When I went to one of the darker areas, I noticed this really hot hairy tall guy getting his big cock sucked.  I'm one of those selfish cocksucker's that feels he's better that most.  If I could just weasel my way in he'll like me more.  I know an asshole move.

While observing, I noticed this hot Asian guy with a rockin' body & a big thick uncut cock next to me.  I changed course and started sucking on his cock.  He kept pushing me off, telling me he was close.  I always feel that the cum is a thank you for a job well done.

While sucking him he brings in another guy with a really hard 5-inch cock.  I trade sucks between the two for awhile until the Asian guy dumps his balls down my throat. The other guy said he just arrives so wanted to check out the scene for a bit.  Cocksucking gets me so fuckin' hard.  I turned & fed my cock to this tall blond guy.  I had the most intense orgasm I've had in several months.

I will have another weekend of fun coming on in July.